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Kimberlee Gives Herself A HugMixing a stylistic blend of Gospel, Soul, Bluesy-Folk and Jazz, Texas Singer/Songwriter, Kimberlee M. Leber, offers musical medicine for the soul. CBS TV Morning News highly commends her, “Fabulous…goose bumps to my skin…Wow! Blown away…she’s a real talent, you’re gonna love this!”

Having previously recorded her sophomore release with Multi-Platinum Producer, Paul Laurence, Kimberlee is now launching her third solo album due out this Christmas. The Real Star Records’ release of “O Come All Ye Faithful”, presents a spirited celebration of the holiday, the birth of Christ.

Coming off the road with Breath Spirit & Life to support the album, "Flame-On", recorded by 9-Time Grammy Award Winning Engineer/Producer, Gilbert Velasquez, Kimberlee was able to focus her energies on her solo career again. Diligently working in the studio, she has fulfilled an oath made to God a few years ago with the recording of this Christmas project.

“O Come All Ye Faithful”, finds Kimberlee embarking on new creative territory. The artist is credited with production, arrangement, and engineering, including a rewritten version of “Angels We Have Heard on High”. Additionally, Kimberlee performs all vocals and instrumentation on the album with the exception of seasoned guest Percussionist, Matthias D’Autremont, who is featured on the title track. Partnering with West Coast Songwriters' Award Winning Songwriter, Suzie Daines, the writing team has penned two holiday compositions with delight and depth, providing original Christmas music for the entire family.

However, decades earlier Kimberlee was just a child being drawn to a musical calling that would not be denied. Its beginnings trace back to after she was born. Her mother was known for sweetly comforting the child with the sounds of her singing voice. Almost nightly, Kimberlee learned the language of music during those precious moments. For many years, this routinely occurred at bedtime, undoubtedly shaping Kimberlee more than her mother realized.

As a result, Kimberlee understood that music was a unique language. She witnessed its ability to aid the troubled heart. By the time she was eight, Kimberlee knew she was going to become a singer when she grew up. To this day, she recalls telling her Mom this deep knowingness about her future. Convinced through a career in music, she believed that one day she would be able to help thousands upon thousands of suffering people in the world.

At age twelve, Kimberlee received a guitar as a gift from her parents, enabling her to begin taking lessons. Her mother’s persistent support brought about the opportunity to be mentored under the wing of Phil St. Pierre (who formerly had performed in Los Angeles with artists such as Louis Armstrong). As Kimberlee grew more confident with her stringed instrument, the pre-teen began performing for family and friends. For nearly three years, she trained with St. Pierre, learning musical theory and dozens of songs. Over time, she developed a solid repertoire and started performing in front of audiences with him.Kimberlee M. Leber Live

When Kimberlee was fifteen, she was accepted into Judy Davis’ voice school. She studied under the world renowned Vocal Coach, who also had trained industry legends, Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas of Jefferson Starship, The Grateful Dead, Steve Perry of Journey, Eddie Money, En Vogue, and a host of others.

People Magazine wrote of Davis, “A blunt, feisty singing coach with a waiting list of 600 protégés, she boasts of former clients that reads like a pop Hall of Fame…Streisand says that when she sought out Judy, “I was like a paralyzed person, having to relearn to walk”…“I’m a vocal plumber,” Davis says. “I fix the pipes, that’s all.” 

Davis typically didn’t accept students unless they were at least eighteen years of age. However, she made an exception with Kimberlee because her voice was especially mature. Kimberlee would find herself studying with Davis for nearly nine years, building one of the strongest vocal foundations possible to help launch her music career as an adult.  

Embracing multiple genres of music from Country, Rock, Folk, Blues, Gospel, Jazz, and R&B, Kimberlee intuitively began combining the musical styles, creating a sound of her own. As she matured creatively, she pursued songwriting and discovered it to be a powerful medium for communication. 

Understanding that music is a universal expression that crosses cultures and ethnicities, able to soothe the pain we have caused one another, Kimberlee has come to believe her musical talent is a privilege held with great responsibility. Words have value, she acknowledges, and are more than sound – they are spirit. Therefore, words should be chosen wisely. And there’s no greater wisdom than the words that come from God. She is committed to writing and performing songs that plant seeds for a better world, thereby helping to heal the human race. 

Blessed in her career to have performed for the United States Olympics, the national anthem at major professional sporting events with audiences as large as 40,000, national and international political events, also to have won first place in a Nashville Talent Competition, received a nomination for Best Artist Out of County for the Orange County Music Awards Kimberlee Promo Picturein the Greater L.A. Area, appeared on major television networks (FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS), received national radio airplay, participated in different benefit concerts with artists such as, Pete Escovedo, performed at the largest Martin Luther King Jr. March in the U.S. with an attendance of 100,000 (filmed and archived at the White House), shared the stage with Michael McDonald, Kool & The Gang, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Luther Tucker, Keith Urban, Martha Munizzi, performed and/or recorded with Eddie Caipo (Engineer for No Doubt, Santana’s Karl Perazzo, Deftones), Bryant Mills (Drummer for the late John Lee Hooker, Maria Maldaur, Charlie Musselwhite, Boz Skaggs, Michelle Schocked), Terry Carleton (Session Drummer for the late Kevin Gilbert who began Tuesday Night Music Club with Sheryl Crow), Al Berry (Sony Records Recording Artist and former Session Bassist for B.B. King, the late Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ric Ocasek), J.R. Johnston (Bassist for Cream of Wee Gee, Produced by Eric Valentine of Smashmouth, Nickel Creek), Gabriel Falcon (Drummer for Ricky Martin Productions), Alberto Albis (Bassist for Coolio, Vanessa Carlton), James Fenner (Percussionist for Christopher Cross), AL Gomez (Guitarist for Willie Nelson, Neville Brothers), Rich Spremich (Drummer for Malo, Jorge and Carlos Santana), performed at world-renowned Biblical Author/Preacher John Hagee's Cornerstone Church, performed at Randy Phillip's (of Phillips, Craig and Dean Christian Music Group) PromiseLand Church, and many others, Kimberlee has traveled an exciting, diverse musical journey.

Shining previously with her debut EP, “Learning How to Love”, Kimberlee toured nationally and received favorable reviews. Catching the interest of former Capitol Records Recording Artist /Producer, Paul Laurence, she recorded her second album, “What am I gonna do?”. Taking an entirely different direction in 2011, she ventured into the Latin market, collaborating with Breath Spirit & Life, singing in Spanish for the first time. 

Although these milestones have been intrinsically filling, Kimberlee finds her greatest fulfillment in knowing she is helping this hurting world with her God-given talents. As we have all heard since childhood, “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way.” And music is just that – medicine.

To find out more about Kimberlee M. Leber, visit Real Star Records - Real Music that Rocks Your Soul ! 

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