Like a Tree
Words and Music by Kimberlee M. Leber
©2017 My Diary Publishing (BMI)

I was born in November 1968
It was the day before Thanksgiving
Just down the street from Ashbury and Haight

My mother had me for fifty dollars
At the University
All the interns watched intently
While the doctors delivered me

He was born in September 1970
The third child in his family
His father read him the Bible
Ever since he was a baby

Separately we were growing like a tree
With each passing season and year
Until we turned eighteen
To discover where our lives would lead
Oh, yea yea

He was ushering in a church
He opened the door for me
And I knew right then in my spirit
He was gonna marry me
Yes, indeed
Yes, indeed
Ooh, indeed

Together we were growing like a tree
With each passing season and year
And I sang “Grow Old with Me”
As we had a perfect wedding
Oh, yes we did
Yes, we did

We have followed the dreams in our hearts
Even fell down a time or two
But, with the Lord deep down in our spirits
We've always gotten up again renewed
Oh, it's true
Yes, it's true
Oh, it's true

Together we have grown like a tree
With each passing season and year
Now it's our twentieth anniversary
And we're gonna have a baby
Oh, yea yea yea
Yes, we will
Yes, indeed
We're growing, like a tree
Fruit bearing tree
You and me
Yes, indeed
Good fruit indeed

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